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26 Jul 2016
Selecting the most appropriate Skateboard and Size

Unfortunately, many new skateboarders purchase the wrong size skateboard. Thousands of shape and size options await the standard beginner. With a lot of options, it can be confusing. However with proper education, skaters can buy boards for their skating style and the body size. 

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Skateboard sizes are measured by their width. A 7.5� skateboard may run anywhere from 28�-32� long. However, not on board, the length is evenly important. A longer board will be more tough to maneuver and carry out some tricks on. The exact length required is dependent upon the perception of skating and size of the skateboarder.

Skateboards are not like skis or snowboards. A first-time beginner doesn�t enter a skate shop being measured and sized. The sizing structure also depends upon preference. Many skaters of similar sizes and styles will argue for several sizes.

 The commonest skateboard for street skating has become the �popsicle shape� since 1990�s. This is a symmetrical board using the nose in the board appearing just like the tail. Prior to the 1990�s, street skateboards were non-symmetrical as well as the tail in the board was more pronounced.

Skateboard shapes have changed as the varieties of tricks changed. The rise in popularity of nollie and switch tricks is continuing to grow since the introduction from the �popsicle� board.

Here are a couple recommendations based from ages and fashions:

<b>Height Style Width Size Length</B>
<5� Street 6.5�-7.4� 26�-30�
<5� Cruising 6.75�-7.65� 27�-31�
5�-5�5� Street 7.4�-7.75� 28�-31.75�
5�-5�5� Cruising 7.5�-8.10� 29�-32.75�
5�5�+ Street 7.5�-8.15� 30�-32.75�
5�5�+ Cruising 7.75�-9.5� 31�-33.5�

The above recommendations are for traditional street boards. Longboards provide better experience for those looking to cruise down hills. Longboards typically run 8.75-10� wide and 35�-50� long.

<b>Video Explanation:</b>

<iframe width="640" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


This article was authored by <a href="" target="new">Go Skate</a>. A skateboard school that teaches basic skateboarding and longboarding.

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